The vast majority of professional moving companies are reputable, honest, and dependable. Many are family-owned businesses who have made a long-term investment in their community, and their best source of new business is a satisfied customer.

A good mover enjoys working with an informed customer. The secret is to make sure the mover you choose is a good mover. Don't be afraid to ask questions -- and get everything in writing!!

Remember that prices too good to be true probably are. Legitimate business people have legitimate expenses, such as license, taxes, insurance, employee wages, benefits, and quality equipment. A legitimate mover must consider all those things when determining the price for service ... and so should you.

Moving Tips
If you're thinking of moving in the near future, call your mover well in advance. This is especially important if you're planning to move during the busy summer months when children are out of school. In timing your move, try to give the moving company a choice of days. If possible, avoid the first and last days of the month, when everyone else wants to move, too. Also keep in mind that your possessions exclusively,  will most likely,  not fill a moving  truck.  If you are moving long distance, your mover will need to coordinate your move with others going to the same general location.
Choosing a Mover

Here are some quick suggestions to help you make smart choices about how you're going to move your family possessions to your new home. Also be sure to check out the "tips on moving" page.